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                Key words: Cheating in college entrance examination


                Cheating in college entrance examination

                With the development of the education, an increasing number of students take part in college entrance examinations. However, some students have been found cheating, some of whom copied from small pieces of paper on which they had prepared for the exam, and some used the modern communication tools - mobile phone as a way to cheat on exams.

                When it comes to the reasons of cheating, opinions vary from person to person. One important reason is that some are lazy and don’t work hard at their lessons. So when taking examinations, they sometimes cheat in order to get better results to please their parents and teachers.

                There are two effects for this. First, it will result in an unfair competition and destroy the creativity of those bright students. Second, under that kind of circumstances, the students graduating from the schools will not be the one who can meet the need of the society. However, how to stop cheating on exam? In my opinion, there are two ways we can adopt. First, a severe punishment should be put into effect to prevent students from cheating. Second, great effort should be made to make students understand what kind of persons the society needs and try to improve their self-confidence.

                Taking all these factors into consideration, it is wrong to cheat in examinations because it breaks the rules of schools. We students should be honest and try to get good results by studying hard instead of cheating. (256字)


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